Ointment/Cream Preparation

This plant is mainly used for manufacturing pharmaceutical ointments, creams, sterile preparation, cosmetics, suspensions, and gels for optimum performance. This plant mainly consists of the main mixing vessel that is the planetary mixer,wax-melting tank, storage tank,bump pump for product-transfer, and metering pump for delivery to filling machine. For mixing of material, the main planetary mixer is provided with 2 No s.multi bladed beaters and centrally it is provided with a high-speed homogenizer for emulsifying. In addition, it is also provided with a scraper blade with Teflon for continuous scraping of equipment wall.this will avoid charring and knot formation of processed materials.


  • Wide range of batch capacities 100kg to 1500kgs

  • Completely human un-touch process and hence very chance of contamination

  • S.S.304 jacketed &insulated vessel for heating and cooling process

  • one point control system provided with a single control-panel thus facilities less manpower for operation.

Planetary Mixer (Standard)

Intimate blending of different material of different consistence,viscosities densities shapes, proportion liquid/ liquid, liquid /solid, solid/ solid is achieved effectively by use of planetary mixers,

  • Compact design of machine takes up minimum floor space

  • Beater arms are available in a range of designs to achieve optimum output for different types of materials.

Salient Features:
  • Product bowl mounted on castor wheels for easy portability, washing and transporting mixed materials .
  • Choice of different designs of beaters to suit particular mixing requirements for a wide variety of materials.
  • Flameproof construction optional
  • Higher capacity 750 L and 1000L models with auxiliary beaters.
  • Motorized and hydraulic drive assembly for lifting and lowering
  • Needs comparatively smaller area for installation.

  • Electrical control panel with backup fuses and indicator lamps for easy process control.

  • Contact parts of SS 316 quality material SS 304 construction optional.

  • Proper selection of Planetary and beater RPM for different products.

Planetary Mixer (Vacuum Jacketed & Homogenizer)

Intimate and homogenized mixing of products is employed by planetary motion of beaters and centrally located homogenizer. Equipment is ideally suitable for thorough mixing of ointments, creams, lotions, tooth paste etc. in sterile or non-sterile conditions. Product container provided with jacket to heat and cool for circulation of steam/cold water. Mixer is also designed to operate under vacuum to remove air entrapment in product during mixing. High speed disperser suitable for homogenizing the product with independent drive at the centre.

Salient Features:
  • Product bowl mounted on castor wheels for easy portability, washing and transporting mixed materials .
  • Jacketed bowls available for heating or cooling of products during mixing .
  • Provision to mix materials under vacuum for duration purpose.
  • Double beater open type to cover full cross section of products in bowl.
  • Scrapper of suitable design to avoid localized heating or cooling & ensure uniform mixing.
  • Flameproof construction optional .

  • Motorized and Hydraulic drive assembly for lifting and lowering. .

  • Needs comparatively smaller area for installation .

  • Contact parts in SS 316/SS316L.

  • Higher capacities models 1000 L. to 1500 L. on request